The times for Spera is very exciting and we update our investors regularly on this page as from May 1st 2021. Our goal is to be listed on EuroNext by September 30th 2021.

Spera UAS AS was established 25.04.2020 and incorporated on 22.07.2020 with company number NO 925 378 674. Spera UAS AS have the following subsidiaries;

Spera UAS AS have a sister company in Spera EMS AS. Spera EMS AS was establish 30.04.2020 and incorporated 05.08.2020 with company number NO 925 436 534

Presentations and Reports

Investor Presentation June 20212021.06.07To be published

Financial Calendar

2021.05.06Extraordinary General AssemblyTo be published
2021.06.07Shareholders Report May 2021To be published
2021.06.27Yearly General AssemblyTo be published
2021.07.05Shareholders Report June 2021To be published
2021.08.03Shareholders Report July 2021To be published
2021.08.30Half-yearly Report Q2 2021To be published
2021.09.03Shareholders Report August 2021To be published
2021.10.04Shareholders Report September 2021To be published
2021.11.03Shareholders Report October 2021To be published
2021.12.03Shareholders Report November 2021To be published
2022.01.05Shareholders Report December 2021To be published


InvestorNumber of shares% of totalTypeCountry
Håp Invest AS20.100.00067,00%CompanyNorway
Bjørn-Arild Woll4.564.10015,21%PrivateNorway
Fredrik Andrè Woll850.0002,83%PrivateNorway
Frédérique Lorain600.0002,00%PrivateFrance
Thomas Lie450.0001,50%PrivateNorway
Odd-Tore Vårhus430.0001,43%PrivateNorway
Simen Svarverud400.0001,33%PrivateNorway
Sylvi Merete Halonen400.0001,33%PrivateNorway
Petter Knut Westdahl400.0001,33%PrivateNorway
Steinar Flåtteng300.0001,00%PrivateNorway
Dag Abrahamsen300.0001,00%PrivateNorway
Ståle Hansen300.0001,00%PrivateNorway
Per Kristian Nordnes300.0001,00%PrivateNorway
Bjørn Vik200.0000,67%PrivateNorway
Stein Flaatrud200.0000,67%PrivateNorway
Marikove Industrier AS50.0000,17%CompanyNorway
Martingale Invest NUF50.0000,17%CompanyNorway
Reitan Invest AS40.0000,13%CompanyNorway
Anita Maria Göts Sundbye11.7500,04%PrivateNorway
Hugo Andreas Reitan10.5000,04%PrivateNorway
Jon Vesten10.0000,03%PrivateSweden
Ronny Nilsen5.0000,02%PrivateNorway
Ørnulf Bagle4.0000,01%PrivateNorway
Anne Mette Vinther Lindell3.7500,01%PrivateNorway
Øyvind Habberstad3.5000,01%PrivateNorway
Foorogh Rezazaden3.0000,01%PrivateNetherland
Steven Van Klooster3.0000,01%PrivateNetherland
Martin Berg3.0000,01%PrivateNorway
Benjamin Skjerve Jørgensen2.0000,01%PrivateNorway
Benedicte Skjerve Jørgensen2.0000,01%PrivateNorway
Betina Skjerve Jørgensen2.0000,01%PrivateNorway
Tor Imerslund1.2000,00%PrivateNorway
Ståle Stolheil1.2000,00%PrivateNorway

IR Contact

For investor relationated questions please send email to investor (at)