Our Solution

The Spera Solution (TM) is a global emergency solution that will reduce response time globally. The solution consists of several parts that can stand alone or work together.

Spera EMS

Spera EMS is a complete solution from the smart personal devices and devices to connect AEDs, to the integration with smart house systems like Google Home and Amazon Aleksa, ending in a global CAD system.

Everything is integrated to reduce time and to increase survival from e.g. sudden cardiac arrest and stroke, but also to reduce fire loss and other losses because help gets faster to the scene.

The complete Spera EMS solution is expected to be ready for sale by the end of Q1 2022.

Spera UAS

Spera UAS is a complete system for handling UAVs and UAMs doing autonomous flights. The solution includes a complete system for handling all sort of flights, from emergency flights to package delivery, mapping, and inspection of e.g. powerlines and mobile towers.

Spera UAS also includes both frontend and backend solutions like order handling to invoicing and payments. It also includes reports and solutions for data export.

The complete Spera UAS system will be in operation from Q3 2022


Skygates is all about infrastructure for autonomous  UAVs and UAMS. They are for drones, like parking houses and charging stations are for electric cars.

Skygates are to start the delivery of Drone Nests and Drone Towers from Q1 2022. The Skygates is to be delivered from Q3 2022.

Spera Drones

We have designed three different emergency drones that we call Falcons.

Falcon I is for delivering of medical equipment, Falcon II is for search and rescue and Falcon III is for fires.

We have also started the development of Falcon IV which is a drone collecting micro weather data.

We will be able to deliver the first drones Q3 2022.

Drone Delivery

Together with global partners, we will from the end of 2022 be able to deliver a complete drone delivery solution that includes all needed to deliver packages to private and businesses, including medical deliveries.

Drone Operations International

We will from the end of 2022 offer complete outsourcing and operations of autonomous drones, starting off with our emergency drones in the Drone Nests.

From mid-2023 we will start to offer housing for other types of drones in our first Drone Towers.

For more information

If you want more information, please contact us at post (at) spera.one